Artist Statement

With a process rooted in documentary practices and biography, my work discusses issues surrounding family and identity using a variety of subjects. Through the revisiting and translating of memories and experience, I present work from a first person perspective that is intimate yet opens up a broader discussion about the narratives presented and their implications. For instance, identity as it relates to the objectification of people in systems, how people deal with physical objects as artifacts of personal identity and memory, and the effects landscape and domestic space have on abstract constructions like family and home. What does it mean to document something? How can the idea of what a record is be expanded? How do I acknowledge the subjectivity of  the document, memory, and history itself? These among others are questions I repeatedly investigate in my work.

Important to the development of the work and my process is the element of encounter, the act of seeking things out with some sense of direction but being responsive to the fact that one cannot know the results or repercussions of the search. This allows for an open process that is a blend of control and chance. My practice is predominantly focused on the mediums of photography, video, and creative non-fiction writing, but sometimes includes other disciplines such as drawing and sculpture

The unifying theme of my work is its relationship to memory and family. The process of working from memory and personal histories is a means of understanding how identity is formed. In these investigations I am making statements about the positive and negative effects of identity construction and whether the constructions reveal or conceal some truth about the self. The work provokes the viewer to confront his or her self and be attuned to others with criticality, compassion and thoughtfulness. The most formative element of my practice is my commitment to the human experience of relating to one another and having shared histories, whether this be on a personal, familial scale or broadly speaking through socio economic experience.