There is a drain without water

There is a room without a man

There is a shallow dirty puddle

And a pile of soggy wood

I found myself reaching out

Empty spaces to dwell in for a moment

Abandoned objects, feigning replacements

I found myself immobilized

Remaining without

Landscape Without is a series of photographs that investigate the notion of landscape in some of its many forms and how they are utilized by the photographer. For each of these images I found myself wandering looking for a space that is without something or a space that contains something out of its original context. It began with an empty room in my apartment, waiting for a person, waiting to be filled. These spaces and objects are those with some visual and emotional sense of openness that we can project onto or that ask to be filled, a space that provokes a question of the viewer. I use the word landscape to refer to mental landscape, traditional pictorial landscapes, and landscape as the space for a scene to be set, a space where something unfolds, where something can enter. Landscape Without is about open spaces and things out of place. It points to the acts of emptying and filling which the photographer and viewer partake in within landscape.