Far Away Among the Nations

This series of images is about moments where feelings of sanctuary and comfort are experienced through solitude and observation. The experience of this feeling, of this aura is realized in moments that can last a second or an eternity, both in their specific times and places and in a photograph. The photographs are about being aware of a moment that takes one beyond the space and time that he or she is physically in, an act which the photograph always achieves as a trace of what has been. These moments don’t depend on movement but on their ability to stop movement, to freeze time and simultaneously make it disappear. These are the same qualities which mark a moment as photographic. In making these images I began to reconsider the decisive moment as being just as dependant on the action behind the camera as that in front of it, specifically the actions of beholding, surrender and sacrifice. It is in that moment the photographer has to make the choice whether or not to sacrifice a moment to the camera- to leave the moment, hoping you can return after the picture is taken- or to surrender to the moment- resist photographing. With the latter comes the possibility of being forever tortured by the thought of the photograph passed on. The photographs in this series are evidence of instances I chose to sacrifice a moment to the camera.