Maybe it was all a dream presents the observer with a non-linear photographic narrative—one ungrounded, lost in space and time. These images are an invitation to step into a dream.

Can you recall a period in your life that no longer seems real, not just because of a temporal distance, but a chasm of trauma that your mind cannot cross, as if the former you entered and emerged a stranger? As time passes, that past seems out of reach. In contrast, the imagined and found feel like truths rising to the surface, the realest things in a dream-like present. You begin looking everywhere for clues.

This body of work is about the tide between pain and the sublime. Have you ever felt lost in the haze of another world and looked back at the world you left behind? Sometimes those worlds feel at opposite ends of a galaxy. At other times, the reconciliation of your pre and post-chasm self seems to rely only on finding the right clues.